Re: Case Studies start next week

Dan Margulis

On Jan 19, 2021, at 5:27 PM, Adrian Thompson <Adrian_Thompson@...> wrote:

Hi Dan and all,

Could I clarify do we submit the step-by-step of how we made the submission to you by email along with the jpeg?

Yes. Everyone who submits an entry should do so by e-mail to me and should also include a summary of steps. Anything you want to include about your reasoning is welcome.

The chances of anyone other than myself reading what you write are somewhat less than one in four. However, most agree that having these available greatly increases the utility of the exercises. For example, if someone does something really good, or really bad. Or, if half the group uses method A and half method B, and there is a big quality difference. It also makes the discussions more on point, as when member A criticizes one of the entrants for being wildly too colorful and it turns out that the person who did it had submitted a summary saying “I deliberately made this image wildly too colorful for the following reasons…”


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