Re: Where to buy Modern Photoshop Color Workflow in 2021

Glenn Smith

My first introduction to Dan's work came as a result of one of those tutorials

It interested me enough to dig deeper and I bought Dan's LAB book.  After working through it, I bought the PPW book.  It has taken several years to reach a reasonable understanding of their contents and has been a wonderful journey.


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Have you ever considered issuing it as an ebook?  I expect you could outsource much of the production and it would enjoy more photographers to learn from it.

A pleasant thought, thanks, but my book production career ended with Chevreul. If I were nevertheless going to do an e-book, it wouldn’t be either MPCW or Chevreul, because there are plenty of physical books available. I’d do CC2E instead, where the beancounters at the publisher insisted on too short a pressrun, with the result that it now costs people $200 or so to snag a copy.

Although I do have the rights to make an e-book of that one, I have no inclination to do so. Nowadays I think people prefer videos, so just for giggles I decided to see whether anybody had posted on youtube a video on how to use LAB. I expected possibly a handful.

There are in fact about 150.

I have perhaps a proprietary interest in how people are using LAB nowadays, so I have actually spreadsheeted all of them and am starting to view them. Too early to make any generalizations yet, at least not about LAB knowledge. I will, however, shortly post about a matter of terminology that may be of interest.


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