Re: More case studies?

Kent Sutorius

I am very interested.

Kent Sutorius

On 1/7/2021 4:20 PM, Dan Margulis via wrote:
It unfortunately now looks like many of us are in for a further several months of being confined to our homes, so the question arises of whether we should repeat our experience earlier in the year with case studies, where group members can compare their own results to those of others.

First, however, I want to remind people that we are looking for educational institutions (or museums, or anything similar) who would like quantities of my two most recent books for free, thanks to the generosity of those who donated to the list. If you know of any such party, please have them get in touch with me. I’d favor destinations in the United States due to the much lower shipping expenses and the lack of worries about customs issues, but I will consider international destinations provided they pick up the additional costs and aggravation.

Putting together a series of case studies is sufficiently demanding that I wouldn’t do it unless there is a *substantial* response from list members who say they want to participate. If there is such a consensus, then I would put together a series of ten as last time. They would be designed both to interrelate and to present a variety of challenges and formats. As I recall, the last set contained one smartphone capture, one scan of an old color print, five images from a decent camera where the raw file was available, and three where it was not.

If people want to suggest certain types of image, I’m all ears, or if you want to leave the selection to my tender mercies, that’s fine too. I have some ideas and plenty of raw material.

I thought that the last format worked well: a Monday-to-Monday cycle. All entrants in the current study are posted (anonymously, and in a random order) simultaneous with release of the source materials and instructions for the next one. After the entries are posted the group has a couple of days to comment before I weigh in.

If we want to do this I think we could aim for a start date of 1 February, meaning that the series would close out in mid-April.


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