Re: A unique color-testing opportunity

Kent Sutorius

I also scored a zero. I am 68.

A few years ago you could take the Farnsworth-Munsell 100 hue test online. One of the places you can take it now is the link below but you have to have software to run a .swf file.

Kent Sutorius

On 11/14/2020 8:13 AM, Robert Wheeler wrote:
When Dan posted the link, I took the test and received a score of 4. That was a bit higher than in earlier years, perhaps helped by now having a 4K hardware-calibrated Benq monitor, and also helped by knowing how to properly set up the Firefox browser to mange color correctly. It was challenging because my glasses are several years past due for updated lenses (delayed in part due to pandemic, other changing circumstances, and most recently by surgery for normal pressure glaucoma). I do have cataracts in both eyes, but not quite time for removal. Seems that any yellow filtering from the cataracts has not made color sorting impossible. All in all, reassuring to have a good score despite early cataracts in both eyes.

Stimulated by posting of scores, I took the test again, this time assisted by the magnifier built into Windows. With the magnifier, my new score is zero, somewhat to my surprise. Supposed to get new glasses by the first of next year, but meanwhile, I find that I use the magnifier (shortcut Windows key along with "+" key) many times per day, often with great benefit.

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