Re: Carnival: what's next?

Thomas Hurd,MD


Thank you so much for mentioning Daniele’s site on this forum.

It’s been a great place to practice and learn every week!

I look forward to seeing your corrections especially every week since I saw your corrections all summer here with this group. Great job on the waterfall image.

If anyone here hasn’t taken a look at, it’s a subscription site mentioned by Doug in this group as well as by Dan a few months ago. It has plenty of information in video format as well as weekly “confrontations” which are similar to the weekly challenges we did here last summer with Dan. One difference is the evaluations are about 30 minute videos every week. There are some other offerings at the site with an ala carte menu of products and services.

I’ve been there for about 8 weeks now, and have learned a lot. It’s also kept me out of trouble at home, giving me something to do in between printer malfunctions.


On May 24, 2020, at 4:27 PM, k_d@... wrote:

Daniele DiStanio has a website called Color Duels which offers once a week image correction challenge and video feedback for all the entries as well as education and tips. Excellent way of learning. He and Dan are friends.  go to to learn more. Home base is Italy.

Doug Schafer

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