Re: Group future

Dan Margulis

On Oct 16, 2020, at 11:32 AM, George Machen <gmachen@...> wrote:

Dan, I wonder whether the heretofore generous & benevolent Giuliana has indicated at least minimal availability after you're formally out of the picture, possibly with, e.g., occasional maintenance updates.

I have since been in touch with her and she says she does plan to continue supporting the panel with me or without. A lot, I assume, depends on how difficult Adobe makes it to retain compatibility. As Davide Barranca has noted here, and I have read elsewhere, there are supposed to be some significant Photoshop announcements at Adobe MAX, which starts today. It used to be a very expensive conference, but now that it’s virtual, it’s free. Seems like it could have some interesting sessions, unfortunately I’m going to have to miss today’s due to another commitment.


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