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Jim Sanderson


Thanks again for the action.  I've downloaded it and played with it a little.  I did add some steps to the action before and after.  As I did with the PPW action, in the original document I stamped a merged layer to the layer stack and made it a smart object.  The smart object opens and the action continues basically from there.  At the end I add a close and save to the smart object referring it back to the original document and then a two layer group is formed.  The two layers are identical except one is set to color and one to luminosity.  The layers can be left rasterized or unrasterized depending on one's preference.

 Thanks again,

Jim Sanderson

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Subject: [colortheory] New version 3a of MMM Finetuned

Someone in Italy reported that he experienced an error in the latest MMM Finetuned action (version 3). The root cause of this error appeared to be an action step that assumed a channel name "Color Layer Mask copy". The person used an Italian Photoshop version in which that channel had a different name ("Color Layer Maschera copia").

I fixed the problem by overwriting the channel name by something different and using that in the remainder of the action. Presumably this very problem occurs in more foreign-language Photoshop versions, so many people may be helped by this fix.
In addition to this, I decided to remove the extra Surface Blur step that I introduced in version 3. The idea behind this extra step was to do some additional color noise removal, but some users complained about long execution times - after all, I don't think it was worth it. The difference in execution time is indeed well noticeable.

The new action plus documentation is downloadable from the Files section:
- or from my website:

Gerald Bakker

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