Re: PPW alternate versions - how to compare them

Doug Schafer

"analyze the difference between an original red channel and a copy of that channel with the blue channel applied to it"

Select red channel, use apply image with blue channel,
BUT, before you close/accept, click preview on/off to your hearts content.

For a fixed view: copy red channel to new .psd doc, make a new red channel with blue applied and save as a layer over the red channel.psd,
then turn red/blue channel on/off;
or make the top layer as difference mode and observe: black means no difference, anything else shows the difference.
You can do this same thing in the .psd source but a separate.psd doc means you can save/test/adjust/export etc. and not risk messing up the source doc. and keep thinking separated between the 2 .psd files.

Doug Schafer

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