Re: PPW alternate versions - how to compare them

Thomas Hurd,MD

Also using option key works to give options for MMMCB action and also Bigger Hammer.

If you press option for MMM you can try 4 different selections.

For MMMCB you can choose two different selections and compare.

In Bigger hammer the big option is to pick which channel is used first. The default is red.

Every action in the PPW panel in blue has some option If you choose to use the option/alt key.

Tom Hurd

On Aug 9, 2020, at 8:25 PM, Thomas Hurd <tomhurd@...> wrote:

Also not sure if this was explicit:

You can have whatever your current file is open. You can make a composite layer. Then use apply image on that layer to bring over whichever other (branched) version you are interested in. Click preview on and off.

Create a composite or stamped layer is not in the menu. You have to press command, option, shift and E. That creates a composite or stamped layer that represents your entire layer stack below.

So, you have Version  1, 2 and 3 all from the same default starting file open in Photoshop.
You can make a composite of Version 3. Then you make that composite layer active and pull down apply image from the image menu. You then select version one or two and then click preview.
You can then click preview off and on to compare the previous version to your current.

Or, you could make a composite layer on top of each version and drag a copy of that composite layer  from the file of interest to your active file’s layer stack, and toggle the layer on and off.

Tom Hurd

On Aug 9, 2020, at 6:57 PM, k_d@... wrote:

And there is the venerable: layer one over the other, and set top layer mode to difference.
Where black, they are the same; otherwise you see the differences (be sure you have both layers perfectly aligned to use difference mode.)

Doug Schafer

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