Re: Case Studies in Retrospect

Hector Davila

I used the H-K for the very first time on these test because I needed something that does what H-K does. I cannot imagine anything out there that does what H-K does, but I was able to get the
effect I needed with it.

I ran H--k once at 100%, then I ran it again at 100% and reduce to 75% and vola, just the effect I needed. I guess I was just lucky.

Hector Davila

On 8/8/2020 4:26 AM, Dan Margulis via wrote:
Assume you have decided to correct to add more color, and that your tool of choice is Adjustments: Hue/Saturation. First, run H-K, and then do your color boosting and save the file for later comparison. Now, go back to his original, without the H-K, and see if you can get as good a result with H/S only. I don’t like to say “impossible” but certainly “very difficult” would serve.

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