Re: PPW alternate versions - how to compare them

Thomas Hurd,MD


Hold down the option key when you press CB in the PPW panel. You can release the button once the display appears. It will give you a choice of A>B, A=B, or B>A. If you click the buttons on the left, you can preview the different versions or options. If you would like to change the default you can make a selection on the right.

Tom Hurd

On Aug 7, 2020, at 4:48 PM, Alec Dann via <alec.dann@...> wrote:


At about 10:10 in your video on Chapter 5 - Color Boost, you make some moves to compare versions.  Can you tell me what you are doing there?  It's not evident in the video.

If you or the group have additional thoughts on the best way to compare versions, I'd be very interested.  



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