Re: Adirondacks: Results


Hi! Mine is 1115.

Locking up the "king of excessive color," I tried to keep the warm tones from being too oversaturated and too R. The tree between the Australian and USA flags has not yet completely turned R and there is a lot of Y still in there. I wanted to keep the separation in those tonalities. Also tried to keep the subtle difference in the G tonalities. 

On this image I assigned a false RGB 1.0 gamma to the background, duplicated it and in Multiply mode applied an RGB composite mask which was blurred. Worked on contrast and colors in LAB. Flattened that and in sRGB duplicated the BG twice. On one layer HIRALOAM sharpening was applied to the R channel and on the other layer the same sharpening was applied to the G channel. Opened the shadows with S/H. Color corrected using the Speed Limit and road as the grey targets. The sky was color corrected so that it would gradate from a grey on the left side to a sky blue on the right.

All the best!


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