Re: Seated in Grass: Comments on individual versions

John Furnes

My take was No. 1027 – the one where the nose disappeared.

I must admit that I took the freckles too far, and actually was a bit obsessed with it, and I didn’t find the way back. So everything became very light and not much definition anywhere. I don’t think the grass is distracting – there is no problem to find the real subject (well, in my  version it became a bit diffuse, but otherwise, no.)

So, there is a lesson to learn.

In my view – after having seen the rest of the entrants, I like the way 1021 is done, and compared to the PAR version, it is very much there.


I do find faces problematic, and have always had problems with finding the colour balance. Therefore, I have found my old copy of ‘Photoshop LAB COLOR’, 2.nd edition and started it all over again.


John Furnes


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