Re: Seated in Grass: Comments on individual versions

John Gillespie

Some interesting comments on hair/skin colour. Coming from the epicentre of freckled red-headedness (Scotland) I can only see this hair colour as dyed, it does not look natural to me, and there does not seem any point trying to make it appear so. Skin colour in such cases is a different matter, often being as much red as the sky is blue in Glasgow.

I can't agree with applying studio-portrait type techniques such as vignetting to this image - it doesn't look natural to me. But reducing the saturation of the grass is probably a good idea up to a point  - it seems a bit overdone in my version (1015) in retrospect. Mixing in some 1020 is an improvement, and also helps to lighten the eyes.

For me the goal is to be realistic and attractive. These are vague and subjective terms, trying to be a bit more objective I would say that realistic means "can I imagine the person speaking to me and moving around?" and attractive means "would I be happy to hang this picture on my wall?".

On that basis realistic entries are :  1002, 1003, 1012, 1013, 1017, 1018, 1025
Attractive : 1002,1005, 1006, 1018, 1021, 1022

I am sure that if I repeat this exercise I will get different results.

The par version fits both criteria.

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