Re: Seated in Grass: Comments on individual versions


Hello Lee, good to hear your thoughts. I agree with your suggestion about reducing global saturation on my version (1021) - thanks!


Of course this is a posed portrait, but trying to look casual & "natural" outdoors (I guess we're just supposed to overlook the on-camera fill flash). But I couldn't go so far as to use techniques from a studio portrait. Adding strong vignetting, enhancing/adding drama to the lighting, etc., could look "over-worked" and conflict with the conceit of the casual nature of the portrait.


I do agree with you in general about saturated colors, and in mine I started with intense, "Fuji Velvia" greens in the grass. In a landscape photo I sometimes push yellows & greens like that (my Monument Valley entry), but it looked all wrong here. Not only the hyper-saturation, but also the cyan-ish color seem unreal, so I desaturated, darkened & pushed the grass towards more yellow-green. Maybe could have gone darker, but I was trying for a look to suggest the camera flash intensity was well balanced with the ambient light.


The color of her fleece & blue jeans - ah, who knows? - I just settled for something pleasing.


Have to differ with you about the golden skin color, though. I just can't think of a redhead with pigmentation like that. Much more often (especially in photos) I see a hint of more translucency in the skin color - even in this shot, there are hints of the blue of veins/capillaries showing through the skin on her forehead - seems like it adds up to a more pinkish look in general. But you're totally right the red can get too dominant very quickly.


Also, it's great to hear your reasoning (& clever technique!) about making her nose look less broad, that's a nice extra detail.


Anyway, thanks for your comments!


John Lund

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