Re: Seated in Grass: Comments on individual versions

James Gray

I was surprised mine (1001) compared as well with the others as it did.  I was fairly satisfied with it when I submitted my revised version.  Portraits are just not something I have been good at.  I was aware that most women with a lot of freckles do not want them emphasized in a photograph, so I was not surprised the par version resulted in less noticeable freckles.  My question is, what are the techniques for de-emphasizing the freckles without making the nose disappear.  It does not seem difficult to make the eyes and mouth have good contrast while making the freckles less pronounced, but the nose is a different matter.  I guess I could go back and look at the comments from others, but I am just not clear what steps were used to handle the freckles.  I did attempt to soften the freckles a little with the layer that softened the wrinkles around her eyes, but I did not do much with that.

James Gray

On Thu, Jul 23, 2020 at 4:38 AM Dan Margulis via <> wrote:
Here are comments on the individual submissions in this case study. As with a couple of others, there were so many good versions that nobody should take my quick choices for the par version too seriously, as there are around ten versions that could reasonably have been chosen.

Dan Margulis

1001 This person did a series of blending maneuvers with the objective of adding contrast and detail. That certainly shows up in the face, but also in the grass. The question is whether the model will like the exaggeration of her freckles. Nevertheless the color is excellent, in my view it’s better in that respect than the par. 

Part of the reason the color is so appealing is that it’s correct in the context of the skintone. Compare this one to 1002, where the skintone is portrayed as lighter and also pinker, which would be correct under the circumstances. So the colors of these two would not be interchangeable. However, I would say that blending 1002 into 1001 in Lighter mode, 50% opacity, would give something superior to either.

1002 Here is the three-minute version that I did in 2017.  

1027 No facial detail here. It looks like the woman was born without a nose.


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