Re: Seated in Grass: Comments on individual versions


Dear Dan,

Thanks for the comments.

Re my submission 1013 in which I have desaturated and darkened the background.
I was surprised by the number of entries that retained lighter backgrounds.
The face in my entry is also much darker relative to the group.
My own analysis of this would be that darkening the background very early in the workflow, as opposed to say only desaturating, set me down the path to a darker image.The darker background makes other elements look relatively lighter. My entry  thus also ends up having darker hair and a darker sweatshirt. While working on this in isolation the luminosity in the face seems lighter by comparison to other elements and was deemed ok by me. When compared to the other entries it becomes apparent how much darker things are.
Similarly in the veiled bride I worked  early on making the background darker and in terms of luminosity and colour. The face of the bride ended up darker relative to the group though not quite as pronounced as this entry.
Perhaps not messing with backgrounds too much or too early would improve things.

Best regards,
Robin Mark D'Rozario

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