Re: Seated in the Grass: Results


Hi! Mine is 1005.

Kept the greens bright and shiny, the clothing was darkened and the highlights in them toned down and colored. Made a very dark version and painted/blended in the knee and clothing's highlights. Emphasized her hair color and eye color. The few red heads that I've met have had a skin color which is more R than Y so in CMYK values for the skin tone, R is aprox .03% more than Y. I'm guessing here; Dan will have an answer. Removed the darker freckles and corrected small patches of uneven skin texture on both sides. Removed R from the white in the eyes and corrected what little Y was in the teeth (what a beautiful smile!).

I hardly ever post my workflow because I feel that each one of us has their own particular way to solve whatever technical problems there are in an image. To start, I study the image and decide on what I want to accomplish before thinking about anything technical. Once I have a clear idea of where I want to get to, then I try and find the technique that will solve each specific problem. Most of the times things work out for me but like everyone else I crash and burn It is then that I try to learn how to not screw up again.

All the best!


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