Re: Seated in the Grass: Results

Robert Wheeler

For the Seated in the Grass challenge, I made a duplicate layer, applied a Camera Raw filter with the white balance dropper on a white area. Then applied green channel to the RGB in soft light mode with layer in luminosity mode. Shadows and highlights with PPW default settings was followed by the skin desaturation action. Then used the color boost action with end point layer curves adjusted with “Auto” and layer changed to luminosity mode. Finally moved back to sRGB and added a masked curves layer in luminosity mode to brighten her face. The result is #2011. I tried toning down the background several ways, was not happy with any, and finally decided to not be timid about bright color and enjoy the difference between bright green background and red hair. In comparison to other entries, I see that I missed an opportunity to tweak the face color to be a little warmer.


Sorting through the entries, I find wide variation in artistic choices. I learned that I tend to like the images with the subject fairly bright, that I like preservation of facial detail such as freckles more than the approach of smoothing the skin, and that I like warm skin tones better than cool ones. Others may choose differently. My top group includes 1002, 1005, 1006, 1011, 1021, and 1023 along with 1028 PAR.


With a mild vignette, blurred background, and smoothed skin, entry 1020 could easily be from a professional photo studio and many clients would like it well. I find the skin color of 1008 not pleasing. However, blending about 10% of that one into mine produces an interesting improvement. Many other images have aspects I like a lot along with aspects that do not work as well for my subjective taste, which would make it nearly impossible for me to generate a reliable rank-order of them.


It will be interesting to hear about preferences others have.


Robert Wheeler

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