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Thomas Hurd,MD

Dan et al.,

I sent this to Dan’s account but I meant to post to Dan and the group.

I had a problem with my profile changing From sRGB to generic RGB when I share from Photoshop. It does not occur when I send a new email and add an attachment. 

Although I have a work around, I would like to use the share button sometime.

If anyone has a thought on this for me, it would be much appreciated.

In the text body below is the explanation. It was not a quick export but rather the Share button on the right upper corner.

Tom Hurd

Begin forwarded message:

From: Thomas Hurd <tomhurd@...>
Date: July 20, 2020 at 10:37:27 AM EDT
To: Dan Margulis <dmargulis@...>
Subject: Profile change


I noticed that my colors were different when examining them online today.

My file went out as incorrectly as generic RGB, entry 1026.

I checked back and about half of my previous entries were mislabeled on export, as generic RGB rather than sRGB, which is what they all were saved in.

I’m using Mac OS with mail as my email program. Photoshop is 21.2.0. Sometimes I use an earlier version.

I tested the mechanism of emailing and discovered the problem in my specific case. If I start with email new message and attach the image from finder the image is tagged correctly. If I use the share button on the top right of the Photoshop interface, the file is sent out as generic RGB. There is no clue or warning that I could find.

I also went back over the past projects and did  to see anyone else had a generic RGB so it may be that there is a preference in Photoshop of which I am not aware. There were of course the occasional Adobe and ProPhoto RGB file entries which you pointed out at the time.

If anyone else knows how to fix this problem in Photoshop preferences or Mail, so that using the share button sends out the correct color profile, please let me know.

My export preferences in Photoshop are convert to sRGB.

Tom Hurd

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