Re: A Toast to Greece: Results

Lee Varis

OK... so, I haven't been vocal in the group, as I haven't really felt like I had a lot to contribute. I was not particularly inspired by this image, as I didn't see that It was particularly difficult. I find some of the approaches a bit surprising, but I especially like #920—mine was #918... Dan's criticism of the overly bright red stripes in the America flag for my version seems like a case of personal preference. Originally I had limited the brightening, using the red channel luminosity for just the faces at the back table (the "head" of the table)—I very consciously went back and saturated and brightened the red stripes as well as the blue color of the Greek flag. The US flag blue is fairly dark in reality, so I left that alone. When working on images of this type it is useful to think about the purpose of the image. This particular photo is documenting a family reunion with representatives from Greece and the USA, with the grand parents, or great grand parents in the place of honor beneath the flags. The audience for this picture is the family, and possibly their friends. This is not a fine art image that requires some kind of artistic interpretation, but highlighting the main purpose of the gathering, one has to assume that the group of people at the head of the table AND the flags are important to the meaning of the picture for those gathered. That is why I put a little more color into the flags! In retrospect, I would have brightened up the Greek flag a bit more, as the real color is definitely lighter–closer to a sky blue, and the flag at the far right is too dark. Perhaps this would have mitigated the overly bright appearance of the red stripes for Dan. Which brings me back to #920! The spotlight effect applied here is very effective at reinforcing the purpose of the image AND enhancing the night time feeling. I wish I had thought of this approach! The faces of honored group at the back look a little more dimensional than my effort, and I think that works well in the context of the image here! John's image #930 is good, but a bit flat in the shading of the white shirts and table cloth, and the faces—the par version brings back some of the dimension in the white objects, so better overall, really I don't see more dimension in those faces than my version (though my version is lighter) The winner again, in that regard is #920 !

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