Re: A Toast to Greece: comments on individual versions

Hector Davila

Yes, I used H-K twice on that photo because I remembered it did
something about black enhancement (i think, I wasn't sure)
(I'm like other people, i don't read the manual, i just click and see what happens).
It was the first time I actually used it on a photo because the
faces outlines were grayish.

But there are a lot of buttons on the PPW panel I have never used
because I have no idea how they work or how it is applied or
for what reason one uses it. Like for example:

False Profile: (I have no idea what False Profile actually means)

So, all those gamma buttons and False CMYK i have never touched.

SKY:  never had a use for those buttons

Skin Desaturation: ( that's a dangerous button to me. I prefer to manually  do that)

The Layers buttons, :  (i don't do layers that much )

COLOR:  The CB+MMM is the only button I use mostly when none of
my other color boost works any more. (I can always uncheck MMM or CB if needed,
but you need both always to start with.) (But it seems to boost Red more, I need to figure out how it can be used to boost the other colors like Yellow, blue and green.)

Of course, there are millions of tools I haven't used in Photoshop, like I never  used The Pen Tool.

Hector Davila

On 7/16/2020 5:21 AM, Dan Margulis via wrote:

901 Chosen for the par version. This person created the most exciting version with a relatively simple procedure. He balanced the colors normally and added a lot of Vibrance. He added shape with two applications of H-K (luminosity only) which he states was the first time he had used it on an image. This accounts for the very realistic shaping of the faces.

The color of the faces is perhaps another story. The younger people at the near table are fine but the warm lighting over the head table leaves a tremendous feeling of orangeness in the fleshtones. An easy solution would be another little-used action in the PPW panel: Skin Desaturation. Since it targets only reds that might be skin, it won’t damage the stripes of the U.S. flag as other methods might. Usually Skin Desaturation would be applied before Color Boost, but there would be no problem in applying it to this version right now, and it would improve things.

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