Re: Seeking Clarification of Procedure for Averaging Images

Thomas Hurd,MD


Your  hunch is correct.

  • Just took a 5 layer stack in VARIANCE mode. 
  • Converted to LAB.
  • Took the L channel from the variance mode stack and placed it’s mask on 510 over 511 blended in luminosity.
  • The yellow from 511 came through with the mask much more than luminosity with no mask.
So, in this particular instance, looks like the bright values in the Variance stack L channel are the luminance of the yellow flowers.


On Jul 9, 2020, at 7:29 PM, Rick Gordon <lists@...> wrote:

I haven't experimented yet, but I have a hunch that masks made from the L, and maybe even the a* and b* of a standard deviation stack rendering, maybe auto toned or maybe not, might offer some intriguing possibilities, maybe somewhat analogous to what can be done with auto toned difference masks.

Even the a* and b* channels of a standard deviation stack rendering show the contours of objects in ways that I bet, used as masks, could lead to some interesting results.

I've got to check that out.

Rick Gordon

On July 9, 2020 at 4:17:35 PM [-0700], Thomas Hurd,md Via wrote in an email entitled "Re: [colortheory] Seeking Clarification of Procedure for Averaging Images":
I expected a bit more from standard deviation.

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