Re: Monument Valley: Results

Rick Gordon

What I've done for the last couple of weeks is to download all of the entries and:
  • Load them each into a separate layer with File > Scripts > Load Files into Stack.

  • Usually I convert the file to Lab at that point, since I find that most of my adjustments tend to be in Lab, and if I need another color space for something, I can create a smart object to do it in.

  • Locate mine and group it alone into a layer group, so that I can then I can add adjustments clipped to my own image.

  • By option-clicking between the various entries, I can see what I like from them, and then try to improve my own image, without affecting the others, since all of my adjustments are within a clipping mask.
Doing these exercises, and then trying an improved version after viewing all of the others as been a revelation — often humbling — but once having seen what cues I missed, the fixes are often surprisingly trivial.

My entry this time was 802, which got a better review than the previous disaster, but was much more improved after going through this process.

Rick Gordon

On July 8, 2020 at 11:40:45 AM [-0700], Gerald Bakker wrote in an email entitled "Re: [colortheory] Monument Valley: Results":
I always identify my own submission by comparing it with each entrant. Open a browser on one side of the monitor, a Photo viewer with my version (as on the local hard disk) on the other side and scroll through the list. Never any doubt which is mine. Only the carnival image was hard as the versions were so close to each other.

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