Re: Monument Valley: Results

Gerald Bakker

On Wed, Jul 8, 2020 at 02:03 PM, Dan Margulis wrote:
No need to go to all that effort. Just open all the suspects. With your own known original file active, simply Image: Apply Image one of the others, but don’t click OK—the preview will show instantaneously whether or not the images are identical, no need for Difference mode. If the first suspect isn’t a match, then change the dialog to the second, etc.
I always identify my own submission by comparing it side-by-side with each entrant. Open a browser on one side of the monitor, a Photo viewer with my version (as on the local hard disk) on the other side and scroll through the list. Never any doubt which is mine. Only the carnival image was hard as the versions were so close to each other.
Gerald Bakker

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