Re: Monument Valley: comments on individual versions

John Gillespie

Pleased to be selected for the par version (812). Even if quite arbitrary, I'll take it!
One odd thing about the original is the vantage point. At first glance, as the foreground and the butte are so similar in colour and darkness, it looks like we are are seeing a horizontal foreground from which the butte emerges. But the tree on the left indicates that it is in fact a vertical bank and that the photographer is standing in a ditch or dried river bed.
Perhaps the ground dips again and the photographer is using this angle to obscure distractions such as other people, or a road etc. in the space between the bank and the butte. Or perhaps it is just to create some foreground interest.
Entry 827 makes the geography of the scene very clear (to my mind). You get a real sense that moving up the bank would take a bit of effort, and that there is a distance between the top of the bank and the main rock.
It may not accurately depict the colour of the foreground, but it does I think accurately show the shape of it more than any other, although 822 does a good job as well.
Blending with it definitely improves my version (or degrades 827 depending on your point of view).


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