Re: Monument Valley: Results

Dan Margulis

On Jul 7, 2020, at 12:05 PM, Robert Wheeler <bwheeler350@...> wrote:

Rex, I got caught with the same problem early on. Dan does shorten the submitted file name, but leaves some of what was submitted in place. When submitting, you can shorten the file name and add a personal identifier earlier in the string if you like.

Good suggestion. I am real happy with the current situation where names are not revealed unless the individual decides to fess up publicly. So, I delete any part of the name that would serve to identify the source. Many members identify their files with their initials, which I delete. But something non-specific, like v5, or for that matter xxx, normally stays.

In my case, I ended up looking at the entries to narrow down the list of ones that could be mine, then opened mine in Photoshop, and added the candidates in a layer set to difference mode. The pair that ends up pure black (no difference) identified my entry. Tedious, but effective.

No need to go to all that effort. Just open all the suspects. With your own known original file active, simply Image: Apply Image one of the others, but don’t click OK—the preview will show instantaneously whether or not the images are identical, no need for Difference mode. If the first suspect isn’t a match, then change the dialog to the second, etc.


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