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Thomas Hurd,MD

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It's obviously a matter of taste how much to exaggerate colors (most of us tend to remember landscapes as having more intense colors than they actually did) and how much to separate colors to add drama.  I'm less certain about changing colors as a matter of taste or convenience.  The rabbitbrush plants that dominate this scene are a yellowish-green, not a dark bluish green (Google images of them).  Based on memory and several hundred images taken here in late August 2008, Monument Valley mesas and soil are not red; the a and b values tend to be about the same, with the b's slightly higher in probably the majority of cases.  I'm certainly not suggesting that those with redder mesas and soil, or bluish-green plants have sinned; this is also ultimately a matter of taste, I guess.  I'm also surprised that more people haven't commented on the sky.  This is not the most dramatic scene in Mounument Valley; some cloud definition helps the scene, but I found it mildly effortful (is that a word?) to work definition into the clouds while keeping the overall cloud feel very bright and light.  The sky itself should be a believable blue, but probably not an overly deep blue since this is a desert  at something close to midday.   In my submission, 825, I may have yielded to temptation in making the sky a bit too intense a blue.  Overall, I liked 802, 803, 807, 808, 809, 810, 811 (kudos for the only rabbitbrush plants with good yellow flowers), 824 and 825.  I found the par version of 831 I downloaded today too intense, but I'm not certain whether its the original or the conservative.

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