Postscript Process Color Guide AVAILABLE

Kevin Gepford

To the Color Theorists,

A couple of months ago I noticed the thread here about the classic and out-of-print Agfa "Postscript Process Color Guide."

Well, in doing some unpacking after a recent move (from NYC to Portland, Ore.), I found my copy:


My career moved away from color work several years ago, and this book has been sitting in a cool dark box for quite some time. But it's too soon for retirement! This book deserves to be in the hands of someone who will love it and use it.

Of course eBay can be a great place to find a new home for such items, as well as find out their fair value. But wanted to run it past our Color Theory group first, to see if there’s any interest, before I go further afield. I’d really rather keep it in the “family" if possible.

LMK if you’re interested.

Kevin Gepford

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