Re: Panama 1978: results

John Gillespie

Regarding the pattern suppression approach, re-running the process (FFT then dust and scratches filter) I see that the second step adds more softness than the first. So if some noise is acceptable then this can be reduced to get back some sharpness.

In my original submission I also added noise (3% I think) back to the image then removed it with Neat Image. This is because removing the pattern with the FFT did leave the texture of the flatter parts of the image looking a bit strange, so this step helped to make them look more natural. Again this would also have added some more softness to the edges.

To make a much better image I have taken 726 and blended it with my own through an edge mask. I used the smart blur to create the edge mask then blurred this and auto-toned it. The density of the mask can then be adjusted along with the layer opacity to mix the sharpness of one with the noise reduction effect of the other to taste. I find that this can produce a version that is acceptable at all magnifications. 

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