Re: Panama 1978: results


My entry is 710.

Interesting that quite a few of us used the Pattern suppression/FFT filter yet ended up with a wide variety of results.
I too used the Pattern suppression V2 macro. My earlier efforts were too soft after this. 
My submission is the fifth version I tried and in an attempt to retain some detail I followed an unorthodox approach. It's not blended as I didn't think my other versions offered anything more.
1. Sharpen  in RGB Amount 500, Radius 1.5 and Threshold 0.
2. Run the extension in 3D Colour mode normal suppression. There are still artifacts left over after this. I painted with black on the slits of Dan's eye to protect them.
3. Convert to LAB and run Median/D&S on the individual channels with different settings 3,2 and 4 respectively.Again Dan's eyes are protected. After this moire is gone but there is a fine checkered pattern and edges are now wavy with ghosting.
4.To try and hide the above I added 1 pixel of monochromatic Gaussian noise to the L channel.
5. USM to L channel Amount 150, Radius 0.5 and Threshold 0. There is a reasonable amount of detail in the image now, however, there are no free lunches and the is an elevated amount of noise and blockiness especially in darker tones.
Back to RGB from here to work on colour. I didn't use MMM or CB for this image. I tried for warmer colour overall with a curve in colour mode/Auto Colour/Hue Saturation, early efforts were too cold and didn't seem right. A dilemma on how much colour/contrast to put into Dan's face. I  was conservative and looking at it now I should have made it pinker.
Lesser Hammer was useful for emphasizing details in lighter areas.
To combat the extra noise my second to last step I used Piccure+ plugin in noise suppression at 65 on a composite layer masked to darker tones and with lowered opacity. Surface blur also would do the same thing more or less. This cleans up the darks a bit.
In hindsight the submission needs more contrast. The Green channel applied to a blank layer on top and layer mode to Luminosity adds some pop without damaging anything.

Best regards,
Robin Mark D'Rozario 

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