Re: ACR 12.3: Do You Like It?

Dan Margulis

On Jun 23, 2020, at 4:35 PM, James Gray <james@...> wrote:

I think there is little doubt they wanted ACR to be more like the Lightroom Develop module. 

Not having looked at the new version it sounds like the same old same old. Here’s what I wrote in 2008:

When applications are mature, rather than devote time to developing useful new features, which among other things require talent and run the risk of being found not to work properly just when the product is about to ship, the developer resorts to jacking around with the interface, making useless changes that are then fobbed off as making the product more efficient. 

And I suggested four specific rules for software developers. Obviously, I said, when a new feature is introduced the developers need time to adjust the interface based on what they learn about what users think of it. So, maybe three versions, or five years, to diddle with it. And if ever they decide to add significant new functionality to it, then the clock should start again.

Once an interface is long established, however, changing it for the sake of changing it is the mark of incompetence, of a programming team that can’t figure out better ways to use its time. The idea that a long-standing interface should be changed for compatibility with the look of other products is a common excuse and is a crock, IMHO.

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Dan Margulis

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