Re: ACR 12.3: Do You Like It?

James Gray

I think there is little doubt they wanted ACR to be more like the Lightroom Develop module.  I think I have found all of the features of ACR that I had been using.  The features are still there that I could not find in Lightroom in the past (I have not checked to see if they have added those features into the LIghtroom Develop module).  As a former software developer, I can say there are a lot of good reasons to make the user interface in ACR more like Lightroom.  It has been said for a long time that ACR and the Lightroom Develop module used the same engine.  It was just the user interface that was different.  Having different interfaces presents a challenge to programmers when feature changes were made.  With different interfaces a lot of additional programming might be needed to integrate new features into two different interfaces.  I am getting used to the new interface.  There are some things I like better about the upgrade.  The most important is that the previous ACR would crash on my system if I got up and walked away from the computer for several minutes.  I have not had the new ACR crash at all.  I will easily live with a new interface if it means ACR does not crash.  It appears to me that the Dehaze and Texture sliders work better.
James Gray

On Sat, Jun 20, 2020 at 8:20 AM Alec Dann via <> wrote:
It appears they wanted to make ACR more like Lightroom.

You can change the layout of the right adjustments panel by right clicking it and selecting single panel mode (the equivalent of solo mode in LR) or multi-panel mode (all panels open).  You can also access this setting by clicking the Settings gear icon in the upper right.


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