moderated Re: Case Study: Colosseum at Night

James Gray

I appreciate the work you are doing managing the case studies.  I would suggest that anyone who thinks the pace is too fast should consider only doing every other one.    I think the pace is good.

James Gray

On Sun, Jun 21, 2020 at 9:42 AM Dan Margulis via <> wrote:

On Jun 21, 2020, at 7:38 AM, Paco <paco@...> wrote:

Why the need to work so fast on these exercises?  I'm in the group to learn and have fun. I've enough pressure from clients wanting everything for yesterday! For me these exercises are a distraction, a challenge and a way to learn from others; done for fun and not competition.

I realize upon rereading that this is referring to the amount of time a person spends working on a single image, but already I have at least two complaints/comments offline about the fact that there’s one of these exercises a week and they should be more spaced out.

I would say that this comment should really be addressed to the coronavirus and not me. Moderators had been discussing implementing some case studies ever since we moved the list here. Roberto started the ball rolling with his Carnival image and then, based on comments from list members, I put together a schedule of ten exercises that I think hangs together well as a group and illustrates a whole lot of interesting points. For example this Colosseum image may not look much like Cinque Terre but it has some critical elements in common.

Nobody’s holding a gun to anyone’s head and telling them they must submit an entry each week. If it’s fun for you, do it; if you want to skip a week, do that, and it will all be over in the first week of August.

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