Re: ACR 12.3: Do You Like It?

Ronny Light

I get to ACR through Bridge. The new GUI takes a moment to get used to but I like it.


I like that all the buttons and sliders are on the right side, not left, top, and right—fewer mouse miles.


I like that you can hide the filmstrip and that makes the image bigger than it ever was before.


Some of the new terminology, optics, and geometry, are different but make sense.


There are profiles from Jared Platt and Matt Kloskowski. I never use presets but some may like them.


Everything that was in the previous GUI is there plus more. I saw an option to use the previous GUI but I don’t know if that will be permanent. I will use the new one.


My favorite feature is that the image can be so much larger. That probably won’t be true in Lightroom.




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