Re: ACR 12.3: Do You Like It?

Gerald Bakker

Rick, I upgraded PS, ACR and Lightroom Classic just this morning and I agree with your comments. Although I don't use ACR that often (mostly doing raw processing in Lightroom which looks for the most part unchanged) all this moving of interface controls is mostly annoying and doesn't seem to serve any useful goal. I don't mind a UI change, provided it's for the better. Otherwise, it's just frustrating as it breaks the automatisms of a user's way of working.

I also noticed that they changed a lot of the terminology. "Lens corrections" is now called "Optics". "Transform" is now called "Geometry". The Curves interface has changed a lot (have you tried that yet??) with confusing terminology as well. In the Basic panel we have "Whites" and "Highlights". In the Curve panel, it's "Highlights" and "Lights".
Gerald Bakker

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