moderated Re: Case Study: Colosseum at Night

Dan Margulis

On Jun 19, 2020, at 1:26 PM, Robert Wheeler <bwheeler350@...> wrote:

Although unsharp mask is not permitted, does the addition of "or similar" mean that all sharpening methods are prohibited? My presumption has been that unsharp mask allows flexibility in radius and amount that, when pushed hard, generate artistic effects beyond what we think of as sharpening. I have assumed that using either of the two sharpening actions from the PPW panel, Topaz Sharpen AI, or other methods aimed at sharpening for screen display would be acceptable as part of a usual correction workflow, but the "or similar" wording prompts this inquiry while we are working on the Colosseum image.

I would say that any use of the Unsharp Mask filter or anything that emulates it (as the Sharpen actions in PPW do) should be off limits. I assume that anything with “Sharpen” in its name is included.

Of course, we do several other things to our images that the MIT retouchers didn’t, but sharpening can make such a difference in quality at such a low cost in time that we ought to exclude it.

I will say that in the Veiled Bride and Cinque Terre images, the MIT retouchers by and large did a terrible job. That’s not the case with Colosseum, a couple of their efforts are likely competitive with ours.


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