Re: Cinque Terre: Techniques

Doug Schafer

Dan, does this "test" have any validity to tell me if I have over-saturated an looking at this "test" layer?

When image seems done, add a solid color 50% gray (128,128,128) layer at top (or simply add a layer and fill with 50% gray), change the layer mode to 'luminosity' and observe:
Any bright colors are over-saturated? The brighter the more over-saturated?
Is this a true guide? Or just a hint of how to find colors to consider to reduce saturation.

Or is there a "number" in Lab. For example is anything in a or b greater than +or- 60 considered over-saturated (or some other number? and is the number different for different colors?) And how does brightness affect our choice of saturation? For example a darker color should be less saturated than the same color that is brighter...but by how much over the luminance scale? I'm thinking there might be a guide of saturation vs. brightness; for various items like you have shown for colors in the PPW panel colors help: greenery, skin, chocolate, sand, dirt, etc.

Doug Schafer

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