Re: Niagara Spray--comments on individual versions.

Dan Margulis

On Jun 19, 2020, at 9:58 AM, Beat C <b.cornaz@...> wrote:

>> Doug wrote : 
>> So the suggestion is each person include how much time was spent fixing the image and include that time with the self process notes.

I like the idea very much.

I don’t think people are going to put a stopwatch on themselves and even if they did, many of us, including myself, would not be inclined to tell the truth under certain circumstances.

I’m not talking about my 2017 versions of the MIT study. The MIT retouchers had to do 5,000 images in a bit over a week. So I think they were limited to about three minutes apiece, So I was trying to do the same. It meant that I could not, for example, do a lot of messing around with the water in the Cinque Terre image.

OTOH, yesterday I did my version of the Colosseum and it took me about an hour because every time I tried to fix something another problem developed elsewhere. When I reviewed it this morning I said the New Jersey equivalent of “I CANNOT believe I am such a bonehead” and started again from scratch, this time taking about 15 minutes and coming fairly close to what I had done in three minutes in 2017, although somewhat better. As for the one I did yesterday, it is unusual for me to spend so much time on one and not be able at least to blend with it, but no, maybe I can give it to the cat. I will post it as a candidate to remind myself of the time I wasted on it.

Private comments from others, particularly the less experienced, often have this experience of wasting time on wild goose chases. They apparently are willing to admit this to me, but perhaps not to the list. I think it’s highly unlikely I would have mentioned my own experience if Doug hadn’t brought up the question of timing.

Anyhow, people can add this information if they like; if not, since I’m reporting what techniques they were using, we can stick to that.


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