ACR 12.3: Do You Like It?

Dan Margulis

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From: Rick Gordon <lists@...>
Subject: ACR 12.3: Do You Like It?
Date: June 19, 2020 at 4:08:47 AM EDT
To: Color Theory List <colortheory@...>

I just opened up Adobe Camera Raw to find that they've seriously — and in my opinion, horribly — mangled what had been a very nice interface.

Most notably, the panels are now all in vertical sequence, so that every panel is in a different part of the screen, while before, the active panel always originated from the same place on the screen, meaning that you have to move the cursor much more to do things.

They also moved the tools from a row on top to a column on the extreme right, and I don't like that as well either.

They also moved the slideshow from the left column to the bottom row, where they other pictures take up more space on the screen than before, but at least there is a preference for that. But no preference to return to the legacy layout, which I think was way better.

Looking at various comments on the web today, I'm seeing lots of other comments from people who are not at all happy with it; and Adobe is suggesting that they just don't use the current version, though of course, that comes with lost device support and loss of some other possibly good features (though I haven't experimented with them yet).

But I'm curious: Does anybody like what they did with 12.3?


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