Re: Cinque Terre: Techniques

Dan Margulis

On Jun 17, 2020, at 11:22 AM, Gerald Bakker <gc.bakker@...> wrote:

What is the impact, what is the price, of darkening that area? The benefit is more depth in the village, the water, and the sky. The cost is that definition is lost in the hillside at right. To me, this is an easy choice.
Interesting that you describe this as a global change. Why should we consider losing definition in the hillside as a price to pay? It's very easy to filter out the greens and browns in a layer mask, maybe a 10-second action. I just did that, using a rather large and very soft brush, and it's absolutely invisible. No need to be precise at all. 

Maybe “a price to pay” is the wrong phrase. Better to say, the hillside will lose definition as a result of this correction *if you do nothing to protect it.*

The real question is, why should we take the ten seconds to correct it? This picture is not about the hillside, it’s about the village, and if the hillside loses definition so much the better, say I. Back in the Veiled Bride exercise a lot of us deliberately caused the background to close up so that it would become less interesting, and I believe this hillside should be treated the same way.


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