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Thomas Hurd,MD

The DNG is a larger size than the jpeg.
If you want to start with the DNG you must resize it.
In Photoshop, use
Enter the desired dimensions, which will be easiest, to me, in pixels.
The original jpeg and DNG
The menu
Dialogue box
Change the dimensions to pixels. The correct pixels are shown in this thumbnail. You can confirm this anytime by opening image>image size. The values in the dialog are your file’s current dimension until you change it.

From Dan’ soriginal instructions:

*The designated size of this exercise is 3504 x 2336 pixels. If you use the .dng image be sure to open into the correct size. Do not crop, rotate, or alter the sizing.

Enter desired dimensions. 3504 is the correct width for the dialog box if you checked pixels and resample.
Check resample. Once you enter 3504 as the width, the height will be correct if you have clicked resample.Then OK. 

The resolution is not relevant to this except for your printer, since you can see the inage however you like with zoom in and out. The final output resolution is specified in pixels.

Tom Hurd

On Jun 13, 2020, at 6:28 AM, Roberto Tartaglione <roberto@...> wrote:

Try to disable in LR the option  “Enable Profile Corrections”  (Lens Corrections panel)

Roberto Tartaglione

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