moderated Re: Case Study: Cinque Terre

Thomas Hurd,MD

One note:
Unlike the previous images, the DNG for this opponent has larger pixel dimensions than the 2 JPEGs. Quickly corrected in Photoshop with
Image>image size
The jpegs’ dimensions are 3504x2336
The DNG dimensions are 4368x2912
I’m assuming the jpg default has the correct width. They are the same relative dimensions, however, making for a clean image sizing adjustment.
Now I just have to make my email behave this week!

Tom Hurd

On Jun 11, 2020, at 10:53 AM, Dan Margulis via <> wrote:

In this and the Niagara study I had to return three entrants for the following reasons, so I kindly request that you keep them in mind.

1) Many mail clients automatically downsize attached images. Obviously, this feature needs to be disabled before sending me your entry.

2) We have all seen the value of the par images, which are produced by blends of the best versions. Please do not resize, crop, rotate or do anything else that would prevent your version from aligning properly with others.

Dan Margulis

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