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john c.

I agree with you Doug. Also, I purposely didn’t do anything to downplay the man in the back because he might’ve been someone she met along the way and wanted to remember, maybe even a friend or relative. We just don’t know. I also saw that the water wasn’t looking good no matter what I did and I don’t really like the way it looks in almost all of the versions where it was emphasized, so I downplayed it, maybe to a fault, but I figured that after all, it was a portrait of a happy moment, and not a National Geographic photo of the power of water. Mine is 411
john castronovo

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Sent: Wednesday, June 10, 2020 11:46 AM
Subject: Re: [colortheory] Niagara Spray: Results
I was surprised by how many entries had so much color noise in bkgd. Even the par image seemed terrible for water mist and clouds purple noise so evident; tho rest of the image was very good. I immediately judged in my mind that too much noise, so bad even seen at less than 100%, makes an image I wrong?  Especially since it can be fixed rather easily.

Doug Schafer

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