Prince Phillip 99th Birthday photo

Rex Butcher

What ho one and all,
I am a diligent lurker on this site and do not feel that my PhotoShop skills are worthy of the various challenges.  I have Dan's books but have to admit, that in many areas, the techniques are somewhat beyond me.
Recently, I have downloaded the challenge photos and attempt to 'improve' them and compare my results with Dan's designated 'best.'
However, this morning, here in the UK, all the national papers have a photograph to celebrate the 99th birthday of Prince Phillip.  In the interest of whatever copyright exist, this is a link to the photo from one of the national newspapers.
I may be missing something, but given the number of photographs taken of the royal family, and the technical ability of whomever they have to  edit the photos, this particularly image is terrible. Some fill-flash to fill the shadows but the image still lacks 'pop.'   If nothing else, the contrast between the front lit background and the backlit dark jacket was a poor clothing choice. 
Surely, a better image could have been selected?  Definitely needs a MMM work-over (in my humble opinion.)   Your opinion would be appreciated.
Thanks, toodle pip and stay safe.

What if the hokey cokey IS what it's all about??

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