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Dean Wilmot

Great thanks Bevi

I did have a Pantone book many years ago but sadly I can’t find it see if I can get another??


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On 11 May 2020, at 22:18, Bevi Chagnon <> wrote:

There's the "traditional" PANTONE Bridge guide, which shows the PANTONE spot
color library converted to CMYK, RGB, and RGB-Hex

But it doesn't show a complete listing of CMYK or RGB builds, only those
that match the 2000+ colors in PANTONE's spot color library.

And I've never seen any color guide with LAB.

What you're looking for would be an incredible guide. Definitely let us know
if you find anything.

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Hi all,

Are there any good rgb/cmyk/lab color reference chart books on the market?



Dean Wilmot
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