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Dean Wilmot

Hi Dan,

Forgive me if this is a basic question esp for this group.

Where in your books does it talk about the best method for setting the black and white points? (for colour and especially B&W images) (and for adjusting mid-tones).

Im starting to use the Howtek 4500 drum scanner I bought last year alot more now and although I've been using a technique recommended by Image Science from the The Fundamentals of Digital e-Book ( section attached) I was wondering though if this is really the best method?

Thanks again 


Dean Wilmot

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I know of some others who would be interested. Do I have your permission to "reprint" your post above (not just the links) along with suitable attribution? 

Certainly. All posts to this list should be considered in the public domain. Images, no, but text, yes.

Dan Margulis

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