Re: Chapter 12 in the Chevreul Book

Dan Margulis

On Apr 26, 2020, at 9:01 PM, James Gray <James@...> wrote:

I know that the intent of the book is not get into discussions about how to use Photoshop tools or actions to accomplish what you and Chevreul are recommending.  Nevertheless, I am curious how to meld this with the PPW panel and other Photoshop tools.  On page 197 you are clearly describing the MMM action.  I think it is apparent that figure 12.11B is what you can do with the color boost in the PPW panel.   


Am I right to assume that the modifications in figure 12.13B are due to the use of HIRALOAM sharpening of the A and B channels of LAB color mode? 

The L also.

It seems like the radius would be larger than what the PPW sharpen action default to.

With respect to color, yes. There is some hiraloam color in the PPW sharpen action but the default is very, very subtle. A heavy color setting for this poster works well, but would wreck a lot of photographs.

Dan Margulis

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