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George, thank you for your help. Did as you instructed, but the files are ruined. Rebuilding the directory had no effect. Something happened after March 10, 2018. That was the last Photoshop file modified that became 160+-bytes large. Afterwards all files are fine. I have no idea why or how. They are not aliases or place holders. Something caused the data to be thrown out. A little scary to think that all my backups are the same.

John Robinson

On Apr 13, 2020, at 8:21 PM, George Machen <gmachen@...> wrote:

John, that might be a symptom of directory damage. I don't think DiskWarrior runs in Catalina, so see if Catalina still supports:

[Make at least one bootable backup to another disk first! — SuperDuper!, Carbon Copy Cloner.]

quickly lean on Command-S
release keys when the Unix "single user mode" starts
after it settles down, enter:
fsck -fy
if it says it made changes, run it again until it says no changes (it may run again all by itself)
enter: reboot

Your 160 bytes files might come back to life.
This creates a "consistent disk directory"; it's **possible** to lose some files, although I never have.
But in any event, you **must** — minor directory damage is like a little bit of pregnancy.

– George Machen

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