Re: CS5 files

George Machen

John, that might be a symptom of directory damage. I don't think DiskWarrior runs in Catalina, so see if Catalina still supports:

[Make at least one bootable backup to another disk first! — SuperDuper!, Carbon Copy Cloner.]

quickly lean on Command-S
release keys when the Unix "single user mode" starts
after it settles down, enter:
fsck -fy
if it says it made changes, run it again until it says no changes (it may run again all by itself)
enter: reboot

Your 160 bytes files might come back to life.
This creates a "consistent disk directory"; it's **possible** to lose some files, although I never have.
But in any event, you **must** — minor directory damage is like a little bit of pregnancy.

– George Machen

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